This site is being created for the fan of all things Disco. Do you love the genre of music that is most commonly mistaken today for bell bottoms and clown wigs? Do you crave for a deeper understanding of what inspired disco music’s passionate reign of San Francisco that dates back some 35 plus years. Today disco is the back beat for all things San Francisco, whether they call it Trance, House or Drum ‘n Bass – – it all derives from the synthesized electro dance music that took the city by storm in the late 1970s through the 1980s when it returned to its origins underground during a time when the real estate market allowed for a creative surge in the city.  Many clubs, promoters, Djs, Artist, Record Labels and every other marketable device that can assist in shaking one’s groove thing (a.k.a. booty)  have come and gone, but no disco has never died in San Francisco as long as the memory lives on in the hearts of the dancers who continue to fill the floors today. Throughout time, San Francisco has hosted many tourist visiting expecting to experience the seedier side of the city by the bay…  and it usually includes a night on the dance floor.